Welcome to Cameraman.com –  a community website with simple tips to help camera owners get the most out of their video productions.

My name is Martin Ureta and I’m the guy behind Cameraman.com. I’ve always had a camera on my hands that I remember and I have more than 10 years working as a professional cameraman in Switzerland and Argentina. I work full time as a film director in a video production company in Montreux, Switzerland. In my spare time I run Cameraman.com and practice some sports like scuba diving, snowboarding and trekking.

I’m always filming around my friendship group and family and love to discover new cameras and new techniques. There’s always a lot more to learn and to improve skills and this is why I launch the Cameraman.com website. My idea is to create a community where people can share what they’ve learned so far and learn different techniques from others.

Cameraman.com is a learning environment and the information here is free. We do run limited advertising and affiliate programs to help us cover costs and keep expanding (read more about this on our disclaimer page) – however there is no cost to our readers.

As this is a regularly updated site but in Beta process the best way to use it will be to follow it over time. The best way to do this will be to use one of our Subscription Options like RSS feed on cameraman.com/feed or our Twitter account on twitter.com/cameraman where we also share daily updates.

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