Manta Rays at Risk

I just finished this personal project called "Manta Rays at Risk" using photos I took during my holidays in Maldives and Hawaii. The final movie is in 4k and you can download it on vimeo. Mantas have been classified Read more

My first experience using Magic Lantern RAW

  Model: Lea Filmed & Edited by Martin Ureta Music: Jake Bugg - Two Fingers Software: Magic Lantern RAW v2.3 1920x1080 25fps - Card CF LEXAR 1000x This is my first test using the Magic Lantern RAW during a photo shooting of my cousin Read more

Interview with filmmaker and cinematographer Sergio Herencias

I’ve contacted Sergio Herencias, a talented Swiss/Spanish Filmmaker and Cinematographer based in Zürich, Switzerland for an exclusive interview. Raised in a small village called Degersheim, Sergio has managed to turn his dream and great passion into a career. Tell Read more

Cine Gear 2013 - The Sony FS700 in the RAW

Art Adams and Adam Wilt present the Sony FS700 in the RAW, featuring the new 2K RAW High Frame Rate, and 4K RAW recording solutions. The seminar includes footage screening. Super-sampling: Spectacular HD or 4K 4K/2K RAW recording option Super 35mm Sensor Read more


Stabilize your shots with AE Warp Stabilizer

Warp Stabilizer is a new option for stabilizing unsteady footage. It comes with the new After Effects 5.5. It removes jitter caused by camera movement, making it possible to transform shaky, handheld footage into steady, smooth shots. It replaces the previous stabilizer as it is much easier to use. Warp Stabilizer contains technology to correct unstable parallax by using a subtle warping of the image.

Introducing AE 5.5 Warp Stabilizer: Learn how to stabilize hand-held footage to look as if it had been shot with a complicated, expensive camera rig with the new Warp Stabilizer in After Effects CS5.5

Warp Stabilizer Basic Parameters: Learn more about the new Warp Stabilizer’s Result and Smoothness settings, Stabilization Method, choices for how to treat the borders of an image, and automatic scaling options.

Outsmarting the Warp Stabilizer: The Warp Stabilizer’s ability to automatically distinguish between foreground and background requires user intervention on some shots, such as a greenscreen stage with tracking dots in the background. Learn how to work around these issues.

Warp Stabilizer Instant Gratification: See how to quickly apply the new Warp Stabilizer to footage for instant gratification, including setting the Smoothness amount as well as choosing between Smooth Motion and No Motion.

Warp Stabilizer Advanced Parameters: Explore the new Warp Stabilizer’s advanced settings, including its innovative Synthesize Edges option. In the process, you will learn how to make custom adjustments to compensate for problem footage.

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Pimp Your Production

Let me present the first two episodes of Kessler’s webs series: “Pimp Your Production”, featuring Ryan Connolly of Film Riot. Witty, funny and entertaining, Pimp Your Production is also a great source of information showing you tips and tricks to get the most out of your productions.

PYP – Episode 1: Jib Shots

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How to transform a dull, stagnant establishing shot into something dynamic and dramatic.

PYP – Episode 2: Return of the Dolly Shot

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For years, Hollywood directors have known the dramatic power of the dolly shot to transform a mediocre scene into a powerful visual experience. In the second episode, Ryan Connolly, takes you through the ins and outs of the dolly shots, when to use them and how to get the most out of your equipment to insure you get that perfect shot every time.

About Pimp Your Production:
Produced by Kessler U, PYP is a great source of information showing you tips and tricks to get the most out of your productions. You can follow Kessler Crane on twitter:​KesslerCrane


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