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In Cameraman we are doing a series of interviews to Camera Operators, Director of Photography, Filmmakers, etc… Cameraman Interviews are written interviews and they generally  include photos and videos. They help the Cameraman community grow and thanks to your support we can continue doing them!

So what do you have to do to be interviewed by Cameraman?

First of all, send us a note in the contact form below stating that you’d like to be interviewed. You can also write a couple of lines about why do you think you’d make a great interviewee. After that, I will contact you by email, I’ll send you some questions and wait for you to come back to me with your answers.

The questions are simple and it’s mainly about who you are, what you do or even a new video project you’d like to present. The questions are about everything  related to video production, cameras, cinematography and filmmaking. After we have added some pictures and perhaps even videos of you to the post, we will publish your very own interview post here at Cameraman!

Your interview will be featured for a week or more and then be included on Cameraman under the Interview category.

We are also thinking about building a Cameraman Directory and thanks to your interview you will have a free submission to the directory!

Do you like the idea? Then send us a message now, drop us a line below and let us hear from you!