Interview with Film Director and Cinematographer Lior Babadost

Lior Babadost, founder of Exceptional Pictures had already started working in the field of photography and film by the time he was 16. His father was occupied with photography at the time, so it would not be exaggerated to say he was born into the world of imagery. Ever Since he got his own video camera at 10, he has been engrossed in filmmaking and shooting videos. Shortly after, he bought his first photography camera through his savings. When his classmates were busy playing around, he would grab his cameras and shoot videos with his friends. Every memory of childhood is intertwined with his cameras. As he puts it, “every day of my childhood passed, striking my mind with new ideas to quench my thirst for what my true passion lay in: cinematography”. Who are you and what do you do?

Lior Babadost: Going all the way from working at multiple studios worldwide to founding my own was not so easy. To be able to think outside of the box and develop the courage it takes to realize that you possess the wit and creativity to be by far the best, did not come to me overnight. Years of work and close supervision proved me that founding my own studio was the least I could do to fulfill my god given talents. Directing too came naturally to me, as I constantly criticized the objects of the shots I took with my friends in my teen years. The critical leading character and the good eye for capturing the right moment stays with me until today. To conquer the rivalry in an international level is not an easy job, although I suppose, that at the end of the day, that is what makes you who you are.

What is your favorite lens?

The type of lens I use depends on a number of factors, such as the purpose of the shooting session, the setting, the lighting and so on. I am quite picky on selecting the right lens and hardly act on impulse.

Lior Babadost

What is your approach to lighting?

Name one thing that could make the major difference between a catchy billboard photo and a graduation portrait better off on the fridge door. Have the perfect scenery, the most attractive model. The best setting and camera, and miss this one thing to make your efforts worth nothing. Even the best grader cannot make up for a lame lighting. In my projects, employing the high-end lighting equipment has always been a priority.

Tell me about Exceptional Pictures

They say, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life“, and so have I felt in this business. It was never a job, but a labor of love. The day I decided to start this business, I knew I would either surrender to barriers to my dreams like millions of other people out there, or I would be soaring quicker than a ray of light. So, I took the road less traveled as Robert Frost puts it. Exceptional Pictures is now working with well-known companies all around the globe, having carried out tens of successful projects elaborately.

Tell me about the crew at Exceptional Pictures

Exceptional Pictures is the amalgamation of highly qualified specialists, who are the perfect matches to lead a teamwork forward in an incredible speed. All the crew have known each other for years and have stayed in close contact although their working scopes have stretched all the way from Austria to even Hollywood and many more countries.

What are some of your favorite films?

There are way too many, let me see, well of course the Godfather, La vita e bella, Schindler’s list, Cinema Paradiso, Lord of war, Casino, Analyze this, and pretty much anything by Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese.

Anything else you would like to say?

If you spare any efforts in reaching your dreams, you have betrayed yourself. Keep moving on steadfastly. A seagull will submerge in the sea if it fails to flap its wings nonstop. Life is like riding a bicycle, you must ride it on to keep the balance. Remember life is doomed to give you what you really want.

Lior Babadost Film Director and Cinematographer

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The BeSteady Camera Stabilizer

Most of you have probably heard about the MōVI handheld stabilized system created by Freefly System and priced at $15.000. I’ve a friend that just pre-order one and I was wondering if another company will come out with a similar camera stabilizer model at a lower price. Well, here we go! A UK based company just come out with the BesSteady ONE, a gyroscopic camera stabilizer priced under $3000. That is 5x less than the Movi Camera System. Take a look a this videos to have an idea. You can subscribe on their website to be informed about the pre-order.

What is the BeSteady?

The BeSteady is a camera stabilizer based on an electronic system equipped with gyroscopic sensors and accelerometers, using the direct drive of three axis of rotation in the form of brushless direct-current motors.

BeSteady One Camera Stabilizer

In simple terms, it is a highly advanced electronic device which allows for incredible shots, creating new applications and abilities, perfectly complementing and supplementing other producers’ stabilizers and rigs available on the market.



BeSteady One Camera Stabilizer


BeSteady Website
BeSteady Vimeo
BeSteady Facebook
BeSteady One Brochure

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What is Neorealism?

A cinema experiment: what rival visions would emerge if you pitted the director of The Bicycle Thieves against the producer of Gone with the Wind on the same movie material? History can tell us…

A video essay created by filmmaker Kogonada. He tweets at and tumbles at You can see his recent series on cinema at

“The only great problem of cinema seems to be more and more, with each film, when and why to start a shot and when and why to end it.”
— Jean Luc Godard

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A new look for

Those of you who have been visiting would have noticed that the website has changed appearance.

Cameraman Martin Ureta

The main reason for this change is to share more information and diversify the website contents . Above all, I want to start sharing more personal experiences as a cameraman and especially my new challenges and projects. I have added several pages going from workshops to expeditions passing by my new videos and photos portfolios including underwater projects.

Manta Ray - Maldives 2013

Professional interviews and how-to-do videos are still high on my agenda and will always be available.

As always, I truly welcome feedback, comments and ideas, so feel free to chip into discussions and topics!

Many thanks for your visit, support & comments.


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