Claire and Max – A big adventure every month

Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others just go and do them. This interview is about Claire and Max, a lovely and funny couple that fell in love and shared the same passion: images and travel. They travel around the world once a month since 2008. I discovered them on the web and I contacted them to do this interview. Something I admire, is people that work hard and at the same time live their passions and have fun…

Claire, Max, thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to meet you guys soon!

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Cinematographer Sebastian Cepeda Interview

I have had the pleasure to interview cinematographer Sebastian Cepeda, the Director of Photography of the coming science fiction movie The Rift. Sebastian was born in Argentina and studied Fimmaking in the SAE Institute. He lives in Switzerland and he is starting his third feature film this year as a Director of Photography. Before leaving you with the interview I would like to say that I’m also delighted to share our 10th interview on Thanks for your support! I hope you enjoy it.

Sebastian Cepeda Filming

Sebastian Cepeda at work

Cameraman: How and why did you become a cinematographer?

Sebastian: I became a cinematographer because I love to tell stories and the best way for me to do that is with images. I’m a very visual person, writing was never my strong side, so I started drawing comics when I was around 10. Drawing comics was like storyboarding movies for me at that age.Sebastian Cepeda Actor
Afterwards when I came to Switzerland at the age of 15 I decided to become an actor, but it was pretty hard in Switzerland. I had minor roles for TV as well as theater but then I realized that I wanted to be on the other side of the camera.  I studied at the SAE Institute and had a Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking. The school was good to learn some basics, but in my opinion the best way to become a Cinematographer is watching at a lot of movies, TV shows, music videos, pictures and other images. You get a sense for the lighting as well as framing. There are a lot of books too that were very helpful, one of my favorites is “Painting with Light” by John Alton.

Cameraman: Tell me about The Rift and how you got involved in that movie.

Sebastian: The Rift is a low budget science fiction/thriller movie set in America. I got involved in the project thanks to the director Robert Kouba. I was his teacher at SAE and thought him “Camera & Lighting”. So after having my class he asked me if I wanted to be the Director of Photography for the movie. We had a couple of meetings and I was very impressed with him, being such a young guy and so talented, and he thinks a lot with images like myself.

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Cameraman Paul Schlindwein interview

I had the chance to get in touch with Jed Rothenberg, founder of LandingPadBA. LandingPadBA (LPBA) is an alternative city guide and online agency from Buenos Aires, Argentina. LPBA author Rex Racer did this interview and I’m publishing again here on The interview is about US cameraman Paul Schlindwein that moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina a few years ago.

What brought you to Buenos Aires?

Paul: The daily grind! I was working 22 days a month just to break even. It really began in England. We were pub crawling on a canal boat through the Midlands during a film festival when I was chatting with some friends.

We were talking about how if Bush was reelected in ’04 that I was going to leave the states. Well, he was reelected and I began to make plans to leave. I wanted to go someplace south of the equator, so when the fallout came I’d be far enough away. I needed an international airport with direct flights for work, so it was down to Sao Paolo, Lima and Buenos Aires. I hate Sao Paolo. It reminds me of Houston, TX, except in Brazil. Lima is a bit too dangerous. So here we are.

I had actually been here before, 30 years earlier, while my sister was studying here. I decided to make 4 trips to Buenos Aires before I made the big move. I networked, researched job opportunities and then liquidated everything I had in the states.

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