Cameraman Glenn Harris Interview

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This time I would like to introduce you with Glenn Harris, a cameraman, editor and director who works between New York and Los Angeles. Glenn has had a lifelong career in cinema and television. He began at the age of 2 as a child actor appearing in features and television – notably in the 80s classic “Say Anything” and a regular on daytime soap opera “General Hospital”. He switched to the production side after attending film school at USC. His hobbies include flying airplanes, surfing, and scuba diving.
Glenn tells us a bit about how he discovered scuba diving and a few tips of underwater filmmaking. As I’m also a passionate about underwater filmmaking  I will be posting more interviews… so stay in touch!

Cameraman: Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got started with diving and underwater filming?

Glenn: About a year ago I was looking for a new adventure. I’m from Southern California where most all of my friends and I grew up surfing and snowboarding. I love both of those, but diving was something not as many people seemed to do. When I breathed underwater for the first time, even though it was just in a pool, I was hooked.
Underwater filming then became a natural outgrowth for me. Filmmaking has always been in my life – through child acting, going to film school, and now leading a career in it. The difference though with underwater shooting is I was driven purely by a sense of exploration and adventure that I wanted to share with everyone.

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Swiss National Aerobatic Championship Trailer

The Swiss National Aerobatic Championship 2011 (SNAC) Trailer, filmed and edited by cameraman Yannick Barthe, is the main event of the Swiss Aerobatic Association (SAA).

The SNAC is a highly competitive event, held in the firsts weeks of September, where the pilot with the most precision and nerves is going to stand on the first position. This year the challenge is going to take place in Bex, Switzerland with about 40 pilots. Here is the trailer filmed by Yannick Barthe, who amaze us again with his beautiful aerial shots!

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More information on the official website :

More about Yannick Barthe:

Yannick Barthe’s work:

Music by Chris Haigh with web license agreement. Edited with FCP7 and graded with Red Giant Software.

Filming Material :

Sony NEX-VG10 with RODE videoMicPro
Sony HXR-NX5
GoPro HD Motorsport
Sony 50mm 1.8
Tokina 11-16mm 2.8
Tamron 90mm 2.8
Shoot35 DSLRmount and CINEfocus
Kessler Crane Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly
Manfrotto 525 with 503 HDV head

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The best seagull cameraman ever!

A seagull grabbed a traveler’s camera while it was recording and flew away. The curious bird and aspiring cameraman approached the small Gopro camera and flew away. Lukas, the camera owner was able to get back his camera climbing on the castle wall and shared the video that quickly got viral: at this time more than 1.6 million views!

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Here is the interview with Lukas Karasek who was in Cannes as Young Lions competitor. (For English subtitles click on “CC” button in videocontrol bar.)

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Life as a News Cameraman

Chris Parkinson
Interviewed by

The life of a News cameraman can be far from easy. British Cameraman and Editor Christian Parkinson, based in South Africa, gave us this interview about his job working in International News gathering.

On patrol with UK Marines

Cameraman: Hello Chris, please tell us a bit more about yourself and how you got started as a Cameraman.

Chris: Like many Cameraman, my route into the profession was slightly bizarre. I studied History at University and then became a salesman with a local Cable TV Channel. While failing miserably at selling ad space I started to develop an interest in TV Production. Through a quirk of fate I ended up presenting the Sports section of the local News and used that to beef up my CV. I then managed to blag a job at Britain’s Channel 5 News as a Runner (making sure the Presenters had scripts etc). Read more

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