WEISSCAM’s SWEET 16 combines the technological flexibility of the T-CAM with the unbeatable optical quality of ARRI‘s Ultra 16 lenses, creating the perfect 16mm production bundle. SWEET 16 is limited and can be reserved at NAB 2012. SWEET 16 production bundle contains one T-CAM and three ARRI Ultra 16 lenses.

Weisscam Sweet 16

The SWEET 16 production bundle is the ultimate combination of two “state of the art” products. The T-CAM with its innovative SOHA platform offers the customer a uniquely long life-cycle product with all kinds of upgrade options. ARRI‘s Ultra 16 lenses offer outstanding optical performance inside an incredible compact and durable housing.

As Weisscam DoP and CEO, Stefan Weiss comments:

“Shooting with the SWEET 16 production bundle offers you a really compact high-end creative solution. With a total weight of just 3 kilos (6.6 lbs) you can shoot up to 340fps, have a T-Stop of T1.3, a close focus up to 0,2m (from film plane) and a beautyful, cinematic depth of field”.

The SWEET 16 production bundle is also a perfect solution for every 3D shooting:

All T-CAMs can be synchronized easily and use only perfectly matched sensors. The ARRI Ultra 16 lenses are super color matched and are the ideal partner for the T-CAM, providing an optimal 3D solution for professional film makers.

The Weisscam T-cam Sweet 16 Bundle

The superbly compact and light ONE HOUSING CONCEPT of the T-CAM complements the ARRI Ultra 16 lenses with their similarly compact design across all focal lengths, including the wide angle 6mm.

You can visit WEISSCAM at NAB (booth C8740) to reserve the exceptional SWEET 16 production bundle.

Sweet 16 Bundle

Press Release in English

Press Release in German

About Weisscam:

With a long history of working “on set,” on locations around the world and with some of the largest studios and production companies in Germany, Weisscam puts extensive experience into everything they do. Weisscam GmbH provides high-quality and expertise in the following areas: Camera development, Equipment Rental, and Production Services.

Stefan Weiss, DoP, created his first prototype digital high-speed camera, the WEISSCAM HS-1, in 2005 in order to fill a gap in the market and meet the needs of his client’s projects. With the development of the WEISSCAM HS-2, Weisscam began expanding its product family, which now includes the WEISSCAM Digimag DM-2, the WEISSCAM Handunit HU-2, and the WEISSCAM Debayerbox DBB.

“Everything Weisscam does is based upon our direct experience in film production as well as input and feedback from our customers, users, and extensive industry network. Because we are not just product designers, but also professional film people, we have the direct experience of our equipment as professional users. Combining this with the input and feedback from our customer and user base, ensures that we are developing future-oriented technology and products that meet professional standards and needs.” Stefan Weiss, DoP and Managing Director, Weisscam GmbH



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Weisscam to launch new “SOHA” Camera Platform at NAB 2012

After more than two years of in-house development, WEISSCAM is presenting the “SOHA” Camera Platform for its High-Speed T-CAM at NAB 2012.

The T-Cam is a 2/3” Sensor camera that shoots up to 350 fps and it’s rated at 600 ISO with 12 Stops contrast range. The camera outputs 12-bit RAW and 10-bit HD video footage. Going forward every „T-CAM“ will be equipped with new “SOHA” hardware.

Weisscam T-Cam

As Weisscam DoP and CEO, Stefan Weiss comments:

“We always wanted to develop a platform that outlasts the short product cycles that are current within the industry. With our new “SOHA” platform we can build cameras that are long lasting, extendable, flexible and always easy to use.”

To achieve this innovative objective, WEISSCAM created the “SOHA” platform with the following design concepts:

- Interchangeable sensor board (2/3”, Super16 and Super35 format).
– High performance interface (up to 1.200MByte/s) for industry standard recorders.
– Uncompressed RAW and HD output.
– Modular software architecture.

The core architecture of the “SOHA“ platform provides customers with major operational and financial benefits. Sensor boards can be changed to cover all formats or to upgrade the hardware to the latest sensor design without the need to buy a new camera.

Weissman T-Cam

Although “SOHA” delivers a highly complex technological solution, the intuitive user-friendly interface allows operators to seamlessly use the camera under all shooting conditions and environments which was a major design requirement of the platform design for DoP/CEO Stefan Weiss:

“We see it as our responsibility to simplify the application of high technology so that even first time users find our products completely intuitive. The „T-CAM“ with „SOHA“ is the embodiment of this concept and completely empowers the creative process enabling film makers to maintain total focus and immersion in their passion – making films!”

Weisscam Product Manager Leander Brinkmann told me that the price of the T-CAM will be between the Red Epic and the Arri Alexa (around $70.000 I guess). They will start shipping the first units in Q3, 2012.

About Weisscam

WEISSCAM is a company of film enthusiasts who love to create amazing images and amazing cameras. Their extensive movie set experience was the creative dynamic for the design of two award winning high-speed cameras – WEISSCAM HS-1 and WEISSCAM HS-2 – which went on to become one of the leaders in the high-speed film market within just 5 years. The WEISSCAM HS-2 is used from Hollywood to Bollywood in all kinds of features films, road movies, documentaries, TV shows and magazines.

WEISSCAM combines the intensive technical experience of camera development with the continuous practical use of the cameras on set. This expansive depth of knowledge and an innovative mindset has been incorporated into a completely new camera design offering the user flexibility, a long-life cycle and the expandability they expect from a camera…. the „T-CAM“.

Website: Weisscam.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/weisscam

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